From the small family company Andrić Company doo has grown into a company that now has over 30 employees and has production capacities of over 2500 square metters. We are specialized in equipping business spaces with advertising features – light signs, and in that area we have a leading position in Serbia and the region.
The company started its business in a family house in Leskovac, where it successfully worked and developed until the end of 2007, when it changed its headquarters and switched to Ruma, where it had previously built its first production facility for producing light signs.  From the very beginning, the company’s work program was primarily focused on the production of light signs. The first steps in this unknown area for us at that time were, of course, very difficult and uncertain, and with great work and persistence, they also demanded continuous investments. In the beginning, we had to invest in everything. The family house was turned into a kind of workshop where it worked day after day, and all members of the family contributed to the development of the company constantly and unselfishly. There was always the lack of adequate tools and equipment for work, but there was no lack of hearing to invest in them, in order to meet the needs of demanding market.

The company developed rapidly, and the pace of development was strongly emphasized in the period after 1999, when large efforts and investments to conquer the technology of thermo-formed light commercials were finally paid off, and when the first more serious business results were recorded. We proudly emphasize Zaječarska Brewery on September 7, as, at that time, the most important business partner for us, for whom from 1999 to 2002, over 1000 light commercials were produced and delivered. During that period Zaječar Brewery was considered the main carrier of our development.
The largest development of the company follows in the period since 2003, when the focus of its business activities was transferred to business cooperation with banks and insurance companies, which in that period began their expansion. This period coincides with the first appearance of our company at the Belgrade Fair of Advertising and Propaganda, as well as with the opening of a representative office in Belgrade. Since then, the number of satisfied clients has been constantly increasing. The biggest clients at that time were Delta Bank and Delta osiguranje, which business cooperation continues to this day.
With the constant acquisition of new technologies, the timely monitoring of the market demands, and especially the large clients, for which our company practically specialized, came to the most important business venture, which is the construction of its own production plant, with the size of over 1000 square meters. It was not easy to make a decision on investing in a production facility outside of Leskovac, but given the fact that the market for advertising products has largely concentrated on the move around Belgrade, we did not allow ourselves to make a mistake in choosing a place for our further strategic development.
Andric Company constantly increases the volume of production, production capacities and human resources as well.



Nenad Andrić

General director

Predrag Andrić

Executive Director

Duško Zuber

Technical Director

Sava Radaković

Sales Manager

Zlata Drvenica


Jovana Paravinja

Sales Manager for "Etno Kamp"